Maddie Stansell

Maddie is a contemporary, figurative artist based in Denver, Colorado who explores the beauty and magic of the human experience through her paintings. However, her journey hasn’t always been focused solely on art. After graduating from Northern Arizona University with a concentration in studio art, Maddie pursued a career in nonprofit work. Her passion for organizations that need help led Maddie to work as an Executive Director at a small consulting agency, working with clients ranging from tiny non-profits to international organizations. In 2020, Maddie felt it was the right time to pursue her love of art and began dedicating her time to growing her art career. She developed and released an art game called Art unBlocks to help artists create through guided play. She quickly landed her game in the large, immersive art company Meow Wolf as well as with the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. In 2022, she debuted her first solo show “Myths and Old Magick,” at Blue Tile Gallery in Englewood, Colorado with a wonderful reception, selling 75% of her work on opening night. Maddie’s work continues to evolve as she studies all facets of art and works with mentors like Nicolas Uribe, Carrie Stanley, and Julian Tejera. Her love for storytelling and capturing the essence of life in all its complexity remains a constant in her work.   For more information about Maddie and her work, please visit